A Tribute to Andrew Breitbart

February 2, 2017 truthchron.com 0

March 1st will mark the five year anniversary of the death of Andrew Breitbart.  At the time of Mr. Breitbart’s death I knew very little about him.  I had seen his guest appearances on Fox News and heard radio show personalities like Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh interview him on […]

A Little Dogg Food for Thought…

January 20, 2017 truthchron.com 0

Rap artist Snoop Dogg recently dared black performers to participate in the Trump inauguration and declared that any that did were, in his estimation, “uncle Toms.”   Since Snoop finds it helpful to classify people with derogatory names based on their willingness to perform at an inauguration, I thought I would […]

Coming Soon! See What we Are About

December 1, 2016 truthchron.com 1

Truthchron.com is an exciting new opportunity for everyday people to express and discuss the concerns and topics that are most relevant to our daily lives.  Whether you submit an op-ed piece, or engage in lively discussion, truthchron.com is away to move around the fog of partisan pundits and media know-it-alls […]


November 30, 2016 truthchron.com 0

If you have ever wanted to try your hand at writing and punditry, now is your chance! We are looking for individuals to contribute editorial style writing to our page. Pieces should be 500-1200 words, free from obscenities, relevant and entertaining. Don’t be afraid to take on controversial topics, but […]