About Us

Who are we?

  • Everyday people with day jobs
  • News junkies
  • Internet enthusiasts

What do we believe?

  • That the ideas of everyday people can enlighten, inspire, and entertain
  • That viewpoints don’t have to come from New York, Washington D.C., or Hollywood to be insightful or intelligent

What do we provide?

  • Great reading material based on both current and transcendent topics
  • An outlet for everyday people with mainstreet jobs, where ideas can be expressed and debated in a public forum
  • A medium where the noise of traditional media can be overtaken with real ideas and opinions
  • Proof that everyone has something valuable to add to the conversation

What should site viewers do next?

  • Make us your homepage
  • Write an op-ed and send it in!  You will love the process.  See our “For Authors” page.
  • Read every editorial that makes the cut to get posted here.
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