A Room Full of White Boards – Essay 1

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Truth might be the most thrown around word on the internet.  It seems to be what every blogger is in search of (along with affordable hotel rooms and car insurance).  Religion, philosophy, science, politics; the people writing about and discussing these topics all say they are in search of ever escaping truth.  For thousands of years civilization’s most brilliant minds have disseminated their beliefs as to its existence and origins.  There are so many supposed authorities on the nature of truth that it will make your head spin, and few if any of them seem to really agree on much.

All of these truth seekers have convinced me of a few things.  First, that there actually is truth.  How could so many fall for a trap of believing that it’s there, devoting their lives to searching for it, coming to what they believe is an understanding of it, and then living lives based on it if it didn’t exist?  To allege that there is no truth in the world is like saying that we don’t exist,  and in fact some do claim as much.  However, they can’t possibly believe this, because the non-existent are not capable of existential beliefs (gotcha!).  Yes, philosophy can be ridiculous sometimes.  Never nearly as ridiculous as the philosopher.

As I construct this blog I hope to examine both truths and mistruths.  Life experiences have brought me to a belief in truth that is quite different from most you’ll find.  I guess that’s why I’ve chosen to write about it.  That, and because it’s what I find interesting.  I’m not asserting that I’m more enlightened or smarter than anyone else, just that I think I might be able to bring you a different take.  I believe that the truth is very clear cut, easy to understand, and that we are all perfectly aware of it.  The problem as I see it is that we all only apply it selectively, hiding from it everywhere it’s convenient to do so.  Compounding this problem is that we don’t all reject truth in the same places, hence the disagreements in the world.  Some reject the truths in religion.  Others reject truth in philosophy.  Politics seem overwhelmed these days by people that not only reject truth but that try to create truth out of thin air.  Science is supposed to be able to prove truth, but we now have a scientific movement that says that proof is not necessary anymore – that you only need “consensus” to claim truth (please don’t turn off your computer climate change believers).  The problem is that to prove truth one must be able to define truth.  Truth is what’s true, right?

While I will claim my views on truth to be different,  I will not call them unique.  The word unique implies that they would be exotic or complicated, which they are neither.  What they are is simple.  Detractors will say they are too simple.  They will contend that life is far too complex for all of its obvious assumptions to hold true.  I am here to tell you that life is not supposed to be complex.  Many of you would agree with me that life’s beauty rests in it’s simplicity.  Even the greatest scientific discoveries are rooted in the narrowing of a complex subject down to it’s most basic components.  Particle colliders costing several billion dollars have been constructed to find not the complex, but the simplest parts of matter.  Mathematical equations that take up a room fool of white boards are used to figure out why gravity works.  All of that work to explain why our feet stay on the ground?  We spend so much time trying to figure out the simple, because simple is beautiful.  Yet in so many areas of life we try to make things complex.  I believe we do so in an effort to avoid the truth.  We are all guilty of doing this in our personal lives.  Why do so many refute the possibility they could be doing the same thing in their politics, their religion, or their world view?

As I move forward I will not promise to address any specific topic.  I will only look at those that interest me.  I hope that my thoughts are enough to stir an interest in you.  I am not a trained philosopher, clergyman, scientist, or writer.  I’m just a guy.  I believe in good.  Therefore, I believe in evil.  I definitely believe in our unfortunate tendency to lie to others and even to ourselves.  Therefore, I believe in truth.

Thanks for reading.

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  • G_to_the_T

    “First, that there actually is truth. How could so many fall for a trap of believing that it’s there, devoting their lives to searching for it, coming to what they believe is an understanding of it, and then living lives based on it if it didn’t exist?”

    Arguments from incredulity are not a good place to base your beliefs…