Xenophobic? Try Again.

Sylvi Listhaug/Facebook

Norwegian journalist Sven Egil Omdal has accused Progress Party politician Sylvi Listhaug of promoting racism and xenophobia by wearing a Crucifix in public.  Next to a picture of Listhaug, Omdal wrote this message on Facebook (excuse the translation):

“Sylvi Listhaug speeches on Oslo Symposium, with the cross outside rullekragen. She looks like a bishop even when she says it “has never been anything for us” to live side by side with people from another culture.
Sylvi Listhaug has almost always  [wears the cross] now, and she is always talking about how important it is for her. But I’ve been through all images in the database to scanpix from 2001 and on December 15., 2015, when she was invandringens and ekskludering minister. She does not wear a cross necklace on one of them.
I’d say she’s using the cross as a political prop to propose to this fantastic group who think xenophobia is a Christian virtue?
Yeah, that’s basically what I do.”

Now, let’s be honest here.  There is a movement in the Left-wing of the western world that is opposed to Christianity.  Members of the modern Left proclaim to be anti-nothing, and open-minded to everything.  Nevertheless, when they speak of Christian principles and doctrine it is opposition and attack that usually comes out of their mouths.  The current debate that is taking place in many countries over immigration is very telling of the Left’s views on Christianity.  Those on the Left that work so diligently at keeping Christian ideas out of the public square are working just as hard to insert into it the notion of Muslim victimhood.  As they suppress Christianity in every way at home and ignore the rape and beheading of thousands of Christians in the Middle East, we are forced to listen to them criticize any western leader that takes seriously the duty of protecting fellow citizens.  Just as the big-government globalist faction has benefited from the victimhood status of women, blacks, and LGBT’s, it hopes to gain to the tune of a billion additional supporters by courting the world’s Muslim populations.  Globalists have drawn a line in the sand and chosen sides, and theirs is not where Christianity stands.  The globalists share their side with Islam.

As we take a look at the global refugee crisis and the subject of immigration, Mr. Omdal’s remarks about Sylvi Listhaug take a very telling tone.  This man took an opportunity to accuse a Christian woman wearing a Crucifix of xenophobia, simply because she began wearing the Crucifix only a little more than a year ago.  Why is this telling?  Because it exposes for us all an example of the way the Left views every issue through the prism of political gain.  Mr. Omdal assumes that Ms. Listhaug only began wearing the Crucifix to communicate a political message or to recruit like minded individuals to her cause.  Mr. Omdal’s paranoia (which I believe to be an accurate description) probably stems from spending too much time with the manipulative and untrustworthy central planners that he cavorts with on Norway’s elitist cocktail circuit.  Most of these individuals believe in nothing of any substance – just the authority of the state and their own supremacy over those excluded from their group.  Only someone who thinks this way himself could be so cynical of others, and it is Omdal’s cynicism that prevents him from viewing this woman and her Crucifix rationally.  Freud once said, “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.”  Sometimes a Crucifix is just a Crucifix.

If I could give Mr. Omdal some advice, it would be to learn the more basic tenets of the world’s religions before making comments regarding them or their members.  If he were to have engaged in such study, he would know that it has been Jews and Christians that have introduced to the world the notion that xenophobia is harmfully immoral.  It was Moses in the book of Exodus that wrote “Do not mistreat or oppress a foreigner, for you were foreigners in Egypt.”  And it was a man named Jesus of Nazareth that told the story of the good Samaritan.  For most of man’s existence, and in most cultures, the idea that we must accept those from outside our own homeland has not been mainstream .  Do your research Mr. Omdal, and report back when you can find a reference to the evil inherent in xenophobia that is older than those found in the Bible.  And as you search I would ask that you disqualify any writings that encourage you to treat outsiders kindly because it can bring great political gain.  As an American I’ve heard enough of that from Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

I also would like to put to rest the notion that a temporary travel ban, securing our border, and limiting immigration are immoral acts.  We live in a very dangerous time.  While we are not at war with all Muslims, it would seem that all of the people we are at war with….are Muslims.  Therefore, certain precautions taken by our leaders are necessary.  President Trump and his associates in power do not do this out of fear.  The President is protected by hundreds if not thousands of people everywhere he goes.  He will remain safe no matter what policies he enacts.  When he makes decisions aimed at keeping the citizens of the United States safe he is acting out of responsibility.  Unfortunately, our liberal politicians do not think this way.  Left-wing politicians here and around the world only seem capable of thinking and making decisions in ways that increase their power base.  While real xenophobia is bad, it is no worse than ignoring the call to protect those that have placed their trust in you.

Liberals frequently accuse Jews and Christians of xenophobic hypocrisy and use the above mentioned Bible verses to make their point.  Yes, our Creator does consider the mistreatment of foreigners to be sinful, just as he does blind folly.   In Matthew 5:44 Christ instructed his disciples to love their enemies.  However, he never demanded they surrender to them.  He also never told them that they should accept as legitimate their enemies’ desire to inflict misery and harm upon them.  Self-degradation is not something a Christian nor a Jew can easily accept, which makes them poor followers of the world’s leftist leaders.  Let us not forget that Moses was the first Nationalist.  He was also the first defender of minority rights.  And his ideas are the reason that the Left has no tolerance for Jews and Christians to this day.  And while Christ preached love, compassion and empathy, He also instructed in Luke 11:21 “When a strong man, fully armed, guards his own mansion, his property is safe.”

This post was submitted by:  Samuel Billings

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  • strayaway

    “A quisling, in Norwegian, other Scandinavian languages, and English, is a person who collaborates with an enemy occupying force. The word originates from the Norwegian war-time leader Vidkun Quisling, who headed a domestic Nazi collaborationist regime during the Second World War.” -Wikipedia
    Progress Party politician Sylvi Listhaug is not a quisling.