Russian Propaganda Intentionally Printed in the Washington Post? Tucker Takes It On

screenshot/fox news

Tucker Carlson of Fox News interviewed Washington Post opinion writer Erik Wemple on Tuesday to discuss bias in the media.  Carlson touched on a number of examples of bias, but buckled the Post’s writer when he challenged him on the paper’s willingness to print stories bought and paid for by and favorable to the Kremlin.  Wemple defended the paper on this tactic by pointing out that the Post puts indicators on the page that are to tip off the reader that articles were not written by Washington Post writers.  In October of 2015, Daily Caller columnist Ethan Barton wrote an article exposing the Post for this underhanded practice noting that China had at time paid for page space also.  Wemple is a target for criticism because he has said next to nothing substantive on the subject, yet is assigned by the Washington Post to cover the media.  Nevertheless, Tucker had Wemple stuttering and stammering as he tried unsuccessfully to defend his employer.

As soon as the next afternoon, Wemple published a piece bashing Carlson for the interview.  He titled his post ” The stupendously dishonest Tucker Carlson”.  Wemple claims that because Carlson didn’t give him advanced notice he would be asking about the paid Russian media inserts, the interview amounted to “purposely deceptive ambush journalism”.  Wemple even went so far in his piece to print excerpts from a supposed Tucker Carlson fan that felt the urge to email Wemple.  Wemple quotes this Tucker supporter as writing, “I was shocked to see how wrong Tucker was on this topic. He really did cherry pick some points on his claims”.  Watch the video below and you will see that Tucker didn’t need to “cherry pick” anything.  This fight wasn’t even close.  You will also find the link to Wemple’s rebuttal piece beneath the video.

The stupendously dishonest Tucker Carlson”  by Erik Wemple, Washington Post

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