Jorge Ramos: “They are changing the definition of criminal”


Univision news anchor and host of Spanish language television show Noticiero Univision has returned to the English speaking news circuit to take on President Trump.  If you recall, Ramos was escorted out of a Trump press conference during the campaign for interrupting and not allowing the candidate to take questions from other reporters.  Ramos has had quite a lot to say in recent days about the more than 600 illegal alien arrests made just last week across at least 11 states .  Department of Homeland Security reports state that 75% of the immigration raid arrests were of those with criminal convictions for crimes “including, but not limited to, homicide, aggravated sexual abuse, sexual assault of a minor, lewd and lascivious acts with a child, indecent liberties with a minor, drug trafficking, battery, assault, DUI and weapons charges.”  Of course, immigrant advocates would stress that the words “included, but not limited to” indicate that the Trump Administration is likely targeting and deporting hard working, law abiding immigrants that are only trying to make a better life for their families.

Among Ramos’ several appearances on American media in the last few days was an interview with Anderson Cooper 360.  In a matter of seconds Ramos managed to refer to the President as the “Deportation Czar” and the “Chief Destroyer of American Families”.  He also maintains that Homeland Security’s statistics of 75% prior convictions (in this last round of arrests) are irrelevant because the Trump administration is simply “changing the definition of criminal”.  Ramos cited the case of Guadalupe Garcia, the illegal immigrant that was deported last week after being in the United States for 22 years.  Garcia was targeted for deportation because of a 2009 felony conviction for identity theft.  She was found guilty of using the social security number of an American citizen to gain employment.

Ramos also appeared on Hannity, who was able to pin down and challenge the Univision anchor.  Ramos stuck to his often made claims that immigrants are less likely to commit violent crimes than natural born citizens and mentioned the case of Guadalupe Garcia once more.  Hannity however, was armed with facts and instructed Ramos that in 2015 36.6% of all sentences handed down by the federal government were for crimes committed by illegal immigrants and in Texas alone 642,000 crimes were committed by illegals in a 7-year period.  Hannity made a strong case and forced Ramos to admit that criminal aliens need to be deported, but that a discussion needed to be had about what “criminal” means.  Ramos has accepted publicly that his and Univision’s stances on deportation must come to the center after Trump won 29% of the Latino vote in 2016.  You can watch the Ramos interviews with Anderson Cooper (29:00)  and Sean Hannity here:

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  • Valery Vebelfeltzer

    Does he mean that it is now considered illegal to violate our immigration laws?

  • Roger Hughes

    Hard working illegals who are not breaking any laws….Well, except the laws against using someone else’s ss number, and identity. Phony drivers license, tax evasion, and a multitude of other minor FELONIES, along with entering the country illegally.