A Tribute to Andrew Breitbart


March 1st will mark the five year anniversary of the death of Andrew Breitbart.  At the time of Mr. Breitbart’s death I knew very little about him.  I had seen his guest appearances on Fox News and heard radio show personalities like Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh interview him on their respective programs.  I knew that he had at one time been a part of the Huffington Post when Arianna Huffington was still a Republican.  I was aware that his website played a big role in the Acorn scandal, and that his words following Ted Kennedy’s death sent liberals off the proverbial cliff.  I had never actually read Breitbart.com so to me he was more of a behind the scenes player trying to scratch and claw his way on to the big stage.

However, when I heard how people that I greatly admired spoke of his untimely passing I began to figure out that I’d missed out on something special.  At that point I felt compelled to investigate this Breitbart fellow and see what he was all about.  After all, I had just heard Rush say that “the country needs a thousand more Breitbarts.”  So, I did like everyone else does these days…. I Googled him.  In reading about him I was amazed to find out that he had once been a liberal.  Like many of us that were old enough to pay attention at the time, he was ashamed of the way the Democratic party treated Clarence Thomas during Thomas’ confirmation hearing.  This led to what he referred to as an “epiphany” that propelled him towards becoming a “Reagan conservative” with a flare for libertarianism.  As a result of his conservative metamorphosis he later wrote that it “made me realize how little I really had learned in college.”

It is a shame that Mr. Breitbart did not live long enough to witness the changes we are going through as a nation.  He is sure to have concluded that they were long overdue.  As you learn about his life and pursuits, you understand that he had as much to do with starting this movement as anyone.  Make no mistake, their would be no President Trump without Andrew Breitbart.  If you don’t believe he was remarkably ahead of the curve on the issues we are dealing with right now, watch the Youtube videos included below.  On one hand it’s hard to believe his passing was only five years ago.  On the other, it’s amazing how much change has taken place the past five years as a result of the movement he helped to start.  RIP, Mr. Breitbart.



This post was submitted by:  Kevin Lind

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