IL School Board Member was Forced to Resign After Women’s March

A Park Ridge, IL school board member resigned his position Monday after controversy caused by Tweets in response to the women’s march on Washington.  If, like Mr. Dathan Paterno, you watched the lowlights of the march on TV or read about it on the internet you are aware that the women of the march were very “liberal” with their use of terms describing their body parts.  Mr. Paterno took to Twitter to say this:  “Most of those vagina screechers didn’t vote, but they mean business. Riiiiight. What a farce.”

An ensuing backlash caused a Twitter ruckus in the Chicago suburb, stirring enough controversy that Paterno felt the need to resign his position.  I would love to hear from the members of this community that were so upset.  Was it because he included the word “vagina” in his Tweet?  That can’t be.  To force this man to resign due to that would be to acknowledge the display put on at the women’s march as the vile and disgusting embarrassment to our country that most on the right consider it to have been.  Was it because he criticized the women of the march for not voting.  That can’t be it either.  We are always hearing from the left that if more people would get out and vote their conscience the Democratic party would win every election in a landslide.  No, the “vagina screechers” Tweet wasn’t even what really got him.  The Tweet that riled up his detractors the most was later in the thread as he responded to attacks.  In this Tweet he pointed out that a great number of the people at the march

“never protested (Bill) Clinton’s massive, chronic misogyny & sex crimes.”

Whoa there, Paterno.  You can’t point out the hypocrisy of Bill & Hillary Clinton and the entire modern women’s rights movement and get away with it.  Way too much truth to squeeze into 140 characters.  You have got to go.

This post was submitted by: Steve Cone

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