A Little Dogg Food for Thought…


Rap artist Snoop Dogg recently dared black performers to participate in the Trump inauguration and declared that any that did were, in his estimation, “uncle Toms.”   Since Snoop finds it helpful to classify people with derogatory names based on their willingness to perform at an inauguration, I thought I would join Snoop and do some classifying of my own.  If you haven’t seen the rapper’s video exploits, here’s a link. Check it out and read on as I have a few words for you and for Snoop.

It saddens me when examples of our current discourse go viral like this.  Make no mistake, Snoop is not berating these black artists for supporting Trump, because playing in the inauguration is not an indication of political support.  He is attacking these artists because they respect the office of the presidency and love our country and the opportunities it affords everyone.  Is Snoop going to claim that these performers are wrong to think well of a country that made them rich and famous.  Snoop Dogg has made tens of millions of dollars in this country and most likely lives like a king.  Does he really believe that his riches earned by writing profanity laced rap songs were acquired IN SPITE OF our government and our traditions?

At this point I would like to participate, with Snoop, in this practice of classifying people with derogatory and inflammatory terms.  I would like to classify every delusional millionaire celebrity that somehow thinks so highly of himself that he comes to the conclusion that his fame and fortune would be even greater if our society would be more equitable.  I think it is time that we label each and every one of these ingrateful narcissists, rather they be black, white, or purple as a bunch of “Uncle Snoops”.  It’s not like Snoop Dogg is going to have much of a legacy in 20 or 30 years anyway.  Let’s give him one by making this name stick.

This post was submitted by: David Phillips

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