This is Why Trump will Win Big in 2020!

With the election of Donald Trump we can probably say that we are in the midst of the most interesting period of time in our nation’s political history.  The rest of the world seems to be in complete chaos, our American society is splintered and fractured on virtually EVERY issue, and technology is moving at a speed that leaves everything from our national security to our morals and ethics at grave risk.  It seems that everywhere we turn we find something so unnerving that it could literally change the face of society as we know it.  And we just elected Donald Trump?

On November 8th we elected to the Presidency a man whose most fervent supporters still can’t believe he pulled it off.  Donald Trump first worked his way through the most competitive primary in the Republican party’s history, only to then take on and defeat the largest political machine the world has ever seen.  No, that is not an overstatement.  There has never been, in any nation in the world, a political movement behind one candidate with more money and active supporters than Hillary Clinton Had in 2016.  Nations have fallen to military coups that required less money and manpower.  Nevertheless, Donald J. Trump simply grabbed his children and some of the office staff from Trump Tower and proceeded to beat them.  Only in America.

Since then the “Never Trumpers” from both sides of the aisle have done everything in their power to delegitimize  the election.  Unfortunately for them, as their attempts fail they simply delegitimize themselves.  They will eventually bankrupt themselves of all public credibility, leaving Trump standing alone as POTUS with the problems of a nation before him.  Some Americans are terrified by this scenario.  Do they need to be?  Or could Donald Trump be the leader that both sides were hoping to get out of the last election?  It could just be that the man that is despised by both sides of the establishment could end up being America’s favorite president and a land-slide winner in 2020.

Take for instance Trump’s stance on defense and national security.  Hawks hate Trump for his semi-isolationist views and his unwillingness to go galloping around the world knocking down despots and nation building.  You would think that all of the non-violent left-wing liberal doves would find this appealing, but instead they resent his plan to rebuild and grow our military into a power that no foreign leader would ever consider crossing.  They seem to loathe the notion of peace through strength.  Nevertheless, a policy of avoiding wars we don’t need to be in and crushing enemies beyond recognition when pushed to that necessity just might eventually pull in enough people from both sides that we may reach our first national security consensus since World War II.  And if it doesn’t bring in supporters from the edges, isn’t this still exactly the policy style that the silent majority has always claimed to want?

Next, consider Trump’s views on the economy.  Liberals automatically assume that because our new President has built a net worth of $10 Billion, he undoubtedly did so by stealing, cheating, and sticking it to the American worker.  In turn, they interpret his commitment to tax-cutting and deregulation as code speak for creating a financial wild west for a bunch of Wall Street train robbers.  However, the Bernie Sanders loving social justice warriors on the left aren’t even aware of the public argument taking place between Trump and big business.  The Donald is promising massive tariffs for American based companies that choose to profit off of  foreign labor and currency markets.  Socialist-Marxists take notice!  Free market conservatives hate Donald Trump more than you do!  When the American people come to understand that Trump loves corporate profits as long as the American worker gets his share first, they will support the man in droves.

Make no mistake, Trump’s strategy of sticking it to fringe extremists on the left and demanding that globalist hawks on the right sit down and shut up will win over massive majorities.  This has the ideologues in every direction fearing that their days of influence are over.  We are about to witness a revolution of political thought in this country.  Enjoy.

This piece was submitted by:  J.R. Sebring

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