A Better Question for the Illegal Immigration Debate

In many ways liberals are correct as they analyze the problems of illegal immigration.  The plight of most Latinos living south of the Rio Grande is unbearable.  Rural poverty is rampant while opportunity and stability is almost non-existent.  All Americans can agree that we would not allow our children to grow up in the environment that exists in Mexico today.

Conservatives are right about a lot of things, too.  In spite of what you might hear some pro-immigrant groups profess on television, illegal immigration leads to huge spikes in violent crime along with lost jobs, depreciated wages, and taxpayer resource costs.  There is no denying that continued illegal immigration at the rate we’ve seen in recent years will bankrupt the United States of America.

Unfortunately, as the debate is framed right now there is no solution.  Even liberals would have to agree that we can’t allow all of Mexico’s 125 million people to cross the border and jump onto our welfare roles.  And Christian conservatives, that through charitable  donations feed hungry children all over the globe, don’t want to look south and see their neighbor slip deeper into the third world.  So what is the answer?  Isn’t there always an answer?  The problem in this instance is that we aren’t asking the right question.

The question that should be asked is for the Mexican people.  It is the same question that Americans have asked in the mirror on several occasions in its nearly 250 year history.  As a matter of fact, a victorious percentage of Americans asked themselves that very same question in November of 2016.  That question, that should be asked of the Mexican people…… How long will you tolerate a government that is not of the people, by the people, and for the people?!!!  

You see, the nation of Mexico suffers from systemic public corruption that would put the likes of the Clinton’s, the Bush’s and Obama to shame.  However, I would imagine that 15 million Mexican nationals returning home and pounding on the door of the Mexican capital might just change some things.  The Savoyard philosopher Joseph de Maistre once said, “Every country has the government it deserves.”  What kind of government does Mexico deserve?  If we allow illegal immigrants to overrun our borders and our society, what kind of government do we deserve?  It is time for the Mexican people to take ownership in their own country, their own security, and their own prosperity and make Mexico everything it can be.  If the Mexican people will do this, there are 300 million Americans that would be more than willing to support their efforts.  Mexico must decide.

This piece was submitted by:  David Pickerall

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